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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Science Technical news in Australia- 22/12/2011

-A Trip Down Memory Lane On Facebook Facebooks 800 million users can now access the sites Timeline feature. ..Read..

17.Mobile Numbers Could Run Out By 2017 ACMA says forward thinking is needed because 04 mobile numbers could run out by 2017. ..Read..

Facebook Pic On Seven Not Privacy Breach Sevens broadcast of Facebook pictures of a murdered womans family did not breach privacy rules, ACMA says...Read..

  •  Apple Scores Hit On HTC In Patent Case
  •  New IPad Keyboard Joins Crowded Market
  •  Mosquito Needle Set To Take Off
  •  Google Invests In Solar Projects
  •  US Online Holiday Sales Up 15%
  •  Saudi Prince Invests In Twitter
  •  Thai Floods Leave Tech Firms Pondering
  •  Beijing Orders Microbloggers To Register

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